Scoular Spot Procedure

Spot Contract Procedure 


Any grain delivered into our Waverly Shuttle, Waverly Elevator, Palmyra Elevator, or Pisgah Elevator designated as a "spot" load will be priced out under the following terms


Basis: Basis will be set on the day of delivery of the "spot" unload

Futures: Futures will be set using the closing futures price on the following day of the unload

Cash Price: Cash price will be set using day of delivery basis, and futures of following day.


Any loads not designated as "spot" on ticket, or told to a merchandiser at the Waverly or Pisgah office, will be put on hold for 10 days until it is put on DP.


If you have any questions please contact a merchandiser at the Waverly office, 217-435-2361, or Pisgah Office, 217-243-7511. Thank You.